Pies & Tarts: The Overall

Hello Lovelies! To start off my post, I wanted to talk about a particularly sad event that happened early on in my academic year at JWU. My sweet dog Pounder passed away at the age of 15, and I wanted to mention this because he would always be there sitting in the kitchen when I would bake at home. He was one of my greatest friends, my company, and was there since I started kindergarten to when I graduated high school. I’ll always love you Pounder.

Now, let’s get things started! The second lab I ever took was Pies & Tarts. Before taking the class, I must admit…I wasnt much of a pie making type of girl. It just always seemed so messy and tedious to do in my small home kitchen. But in the class, I really began to appreciate pie-making and now really enjoy making different pies & tarts. My favorite tart was the Banoffee Tartlet you see in the header picture. It had caramel in the bottom, fresh bananas in the middle, and a coffee whip cream on top…mmm delicious. It was definitely a beautiful and tasty tart to make, and very simple to do at home! The biggest piece of advice I can give is to WEIGH your ingredients! I bought my own little food scale for sale at Kohl’s and at first, I had never had to weigh my ingredients, but now that I do I love it and think it makes the baking process go by much faster.

Turtle Pie
Fruit Tartlet and Turtle Tartlet
Turtle Tartlets

This class was difficult at times, the chef had us doing much more in a smaller amount of time than we were used to. We were expected to remember most of what we did, and had to plate desserts by 11:00am each day we were in the class. At first it did take a bit more getting used to, and my chef was a bit stricter on what we were to do, he did not have time for us to constantly ask for help. For our practical (our “final”), we had a list of pies and tarts to make and at first, I was really nervous looking at the list. I mean, at that point I had been in that class for 7 days from 7:00am-1:00pm. But as I planned out my practical, I got much more confident and was able to finish everything with a lot of time to spare! It’s amazing how much I was able to learn in 9 short days, and those techniques have helped me out in my other classes as well!


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