Hello lovelies! That’s right, its been 2 years since I’ve started this blog! While I did plan to make something to post today, I decided to take a different route. You see, my brother was in a car accident this week and it really made me re-think about life. It’s so short and spontaneous, we never know when a loved one will suddenly pass. Luckily my brother survived and miraculously isn’t seriously hurt. But if for one split second he didn’t move away before the car hit a tree, I could be writing a completely different post. Even though I fight with my brother and complain that he annoys me, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Because I know that no matter what, he’ll always be there for me, he’s the one who usually tries my treats, he’s the one who will pick me up when I’m down. And to even think that I might not have had my big brother around breaks my heart. 
I know this is very different from what I usually post, but I think it’s really important for me to write about. I want to share my life with my readers, even the ups and downs. So right now, tell your brother, sister, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, friend, pet,  ANYONE how much you love them.
And I promise that hopefully tomorrow or sometime this week there will be a normal post.
This is for you Jordan, I love you and you’re the best big brother in the world! 




  1. Congrats my sweet, kind, loving, strong, talented and beautiful girl. Keep on going, you are an amazing baker!!! I love you!!! Mom


  2. Congratulations.. You are not only a talented baker, you are a wonderful human being. God bless you guys always. I am very happy to know he was not seriously hurt. I am proud to have you as my great niece and hope one day I can tell you in person. Love you Amanda.


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