Homemade Pumpkin Puree

Hello lovelies! So, I made a video!?! I’ve been
 thinking about making one for quite a while and I thought that a Pumpkin Puree tutorial would be perfect, especially for this time of the year. Maybe I’ll make more, depending on if you guys like the video. I’m nervous and excited to have done this, and I did enjoy it even though close to the end my battery did die. But I think it was a successful first attempt. Oh and I did want to write out the tutorial below, just in case some of you might want to see a step-by-step picture tutorial.
Now I’m babbling…..let me just get to the point: Enjoy the video!
This week has been interesting to say the least. Pounder turned 11 years old {in dog years of course} on Tuesday! He was spoiled with extra treats all day. Look at that adorable face! I’ve also been listening to the song “Friends” by Ed Sheeran constantly this week. Usually I listen to it a few times in a week, but for some reason this week I’ve only been in the mood to listen to that particular song, it’s such a beautiful song, He’s one of my favorite singers and that song definitely shows why! Also, today was International Dance Club after-school and I went with some of my friends. We were learning merengue, salsa, and some bachata. Luckily, I am Puerto Rican so I was raised learning to dance in those styles basically since I could walk. Anyways, I ended up dancing in the middle of a circle of people which was so fun but now that I look back at it, it’s pretty cringe-worthy! Oh well, I did have tons of fun so it was worth it. Hopefully it wasn’t caught on video, “short curly-haired baker girl attempting to dance.”
    I should probably talk about the Pumpkin Puree! My mom had brought home these beautiful organic Pie Pumpkins, and I thought “Why not just try to make some Puree?” The problem was that I had never made puree and I was a bit intimidated by the thought of attempting it. So I went on my good ol’ friend Google and searched up ways of making Pumpkin Puree. My favorite was from How sweet it is  since she explains it so well. I followed her steps, with the exception of changing a few steps according to the materials I have. It was so incredibly easy to make this puree and I just wanted to share it with you guys in case you wanted to attempt this too! This puree was used for my previous recipe, the Pumpkin Cupcakes w/ Cream-Cheese frosting . I actually prefer to use homemade Puree now because it just has a better taste and consistency compared to canned puree, probably because it is 100% natural. It also keeps well, and lasts up to 7-10 days (if it’s sealed into a container well, of course) Although, if I do get lazy, I’ll probably end up using canned, but my goal is to make more homemade Pumpkin Puree sometime during Autumn.
Yield: A nice batch of Pumpkin Puree (depends on how many pumpkins you use)
 Pie Pumpkin {I used 2}
about 1/4 cup of water *add more or use less depending on how soft you want the puree to be*
 1. Pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
2. Cut off the tops of the Pumpkin(s) using a serrated knife.
 3. Cut the Pumpkin(s) in half.
 4. Take out the seeds and as much of the gooey-inside as you can.


 5. Cut the pumpkin havles in half again
(since I had 2 pumpkin, that makes a total of 8 pumpkin pieces I should end up with.)
 6. Place the pumpkin pieces on a baking sheet with the skin side facing down .


 7. Bake the Pumpkin pieces for about 40-45 minutes
*the pieces should  be pretty soft and a bit squishy*


8. Peel off the skin and place the “meaty” part of the Pumpkin into a blender/food processor. Add water to make the puree softer.
9. The puree should turn out smooth like the picture above when your finished. ENJOY!!!!!!! 🙂

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