Sunday Shenanigans: A Cook-Out

Hello Lovelies! My gosh has it been some time. But I’m back, well rested, and with only a little bit more than a month until school ends, I am starting to relax. My neighborhood had organized a cook-out for today and I volunteered to bake. Originally, I had the cookie-making job but I ended up baking cookies, a cookie cake (Yes, it is a square cookie. I wanted to diminish the regular and slightly overused idea of a round cookie cake. The recipe for the cookie cake and the chocolate chip cookies are on this website here and here ) Vanilla Meringues with a Chocolate Swirl. 
*The Meringue recipe will be up tomorrow.*
I should probably fill you in on what has been happening for the past month. Well, Spring Break came and went fairly quick, but it was very blissful and I was able to catch up on my sleep. The next three weeks were a blur; tests, progress report cards, and projects. Everything has seemed to calm down, but its more like a tension. I know that at one point. the calm will subside and the bustling business of exams and SOLs will take place. I keep reminding myself that school is almost over. It’s the only thing that is keeping me together because by now I am tired of work and ready for the warm, lazy summer breeze and for countless days spent swimming…….

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