My Mom’s Birthday Cake: Ferrero Rocher Goodness


 On the 25th, it was my moms birthday. I had already told her that I was DEFINITELY going to make her a cake. So I got to it, and this was the result! I used my Vanilla Cake recipe, and my homemade frosting. This cake was a hit! Since my mom is basically in love with ferrero rocher, I thought; why not put some on her cake? I ended up putting 6 on top, and crushing the rest of the chocolates to sprinkle all over the cake. She absolutely loved it and I was happy that she was happy 🙂
 Something I also did was that I added melted chocolate so it could melt down the sides of the cake. It came out perfectly! Not only did the chocolate make a beautiful effect, but it also tasted super yummy. Oh by the way! I need to post more often. For the last few weeks, I was mainly focused on this assessment for band, and my school band ended up receiving all 1’s (in band, this means that you are superior, the highest grading) So I took this whole week as a kind of break time, well more like bum time. I even called yesterday my “Bumtastic Saturday” which is really just a whole day filled with watching Breaking Bad episodes on Netflix and drinking Twinings Tea. Oh how wonderful! My hair in a bun, pajamas all day, and lets not even leave out the fact that I didn’t have to do any homework!


 I actually had my Quinceanera last Saturday! It was the BEST. Everyone raved about how much fun the party was. Although I was going to make my own cake, but I became so stressed out about the party that I messed up the cake and ended up making cute little cake pops out of it. So my mom just got a good-old store bought cake and everything was fine.
 I hope everyone had a great weekend and I hope you guys have a wonderful week too!



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