The Breaking Bad themed Birthday Cake

      Hello lovelies! So this weekend was my friends birthday. He is a HUGE fan of Breaking Bad and had wanted a cake that was of course Breaking Bad themed. Of course I agreed to making it, and this is how it came out! I made the bee-symbol out of fondant and I made the Br, Ba out of fondant. I even made Heisenberg out of fondant! It took such a long time, and I had dye stuck on my hands for 3 days!


The “blue meth” was made out of sugar crystals that I had dyed. This cake took 2 days; one day working on the fondant and the other actually baking/decorating the cake. I used my Vanilla Cake recipe. EVERYONE at the party absolutely loved my cake! They said it was very moist and tasty 🙂



But of course my favorite part of baking this cake was the look on my friends face when he saw it. He literally stared at it for a good 5-10 minutes and didn’t say a word. That’s my favorite part of making cakes. I love how a persons face will light up in one second because of something I made. It was amazing, and I have to say, VERY tasty 🙂

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