A Kit Kat Cake and a 1 year Amanda’s Little Bakery Anniversary!

             Hello lovelies! It’s been a very long time since I have gotten to write. And I have only one explanation…SCHOOL! I mean this entire week I have been doing homework non stop. It has consisted of hours of my time and I think that since I haven’t baked in a week, I am going a bit insane.

TODAY OCTOBER 11th IS AMANDA”S LITTLE BAKERY ONE YEAR ANNIERSARY!!!!!!!!!!I remember the day I first made this blog. My FIRST post was a Pumpkin Roll, and I didn’t understand how to properly post a recipe so I barely wrote anything on there and I only had one picture. I think that in one year I have gone further than I had anticipated! I had no idea that I would be soon introduced to the cake making/decorating world. Talking about cake, lets discuss the one in the picture:

I made this cake for a friend of mines little brother, who was turning 7 last week. He had seen a picture of a Kit Kat cake, and on the spot asked me to bake one for him. OF course I promised that it would be done, and as you can see, I kept my promise! I made this cake using my Vanilla Cake recipe. This cake was actually pretty simple to decorate, but I decided to do something different and place the m&m’s in a swirl on the top of the cake.

To decorate this cake, you will need 3 extra large Kit Kat packages and one 14 ounce m&m package. That will decorate a 7×2, 3 layer cake. Once you place the Kit Kat  on the sides of the cake, you should get a piece of string and tie it around the Kit Kats for a few hours while it stays in the freezer. To make the swirl, it only took me about 15 minutes. It is best that you wait the next day to place the m&m’s on the cake because the freezer will cause the m&m colors to fade a bit.

I am going to try my best to upload another recipe today in commemoration of my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. What I’m thinking of baking, that is a secret. Anyways, I went book shopping last weekend and bought “Paper Towns” by John Green and “Anna Karenina” by Leo T. I began reading Anna Karenina on Sunday but I haven’t gotten any time this week to continue my reading because of homework. I hate homework with a passion. But I guess that I will continue reading this weekend, after I bake of course 🙂

Don’t you love fall? I absolutely adore fall. I love the colors the leaves turn, they are just breathtaking. The marron, golden yellow, and soft orange are just beautiful when combined together. Also, Starbucks is selling their Pumpkin Spice Lattes, which I absolutely adore. They are just PERFECT in every way possible. And those chilly cold days where you bundle yourself in a warm blanket and read a book or drink tea. (You can do both)
If you want, tell me your favorite thing about Fall. Come on, don’t be shy, I will be filled with estatic joy if you reply. I love hearing from my readers.

                              Well, I have to go for now, so have a wonderful FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


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