Lemon Cake

Hello my lovelies! So this weekend, I made a lemon cake. I used my recipe to make this cake, which you can click here for the recipe. Anyways, my moms boyfriend was leaving this weekend to go to Florida. So, he asked me to make him a lemon cake, and I had the perfect recipe. About 7 months ago, I had made a lemon cake for my mom for her Birthday. The lemon cake was my own recipe and it came out DELICIOUS. Of course at that time, I wasn’t very aware of how to properly frost a cake. Naturally, the cake had come out looking very horrible but it tasted amazing.

7 MONTHS AGO: The cake below is the first time I had made this cake 7 months ago. The frosting was very sloppy and my piping was just terrible. Although, the cake tasted delicious.



7 months later………… 

THIS WEEKEND: The cake below is what it looked like this weekend. as you can see, my piping skills have increased dramatically. I have also learned how to smooth down the icing much better.

As you can see, my cake decorating skills have increased. Its weird because I never actually noticed until I found the pictures of the cakes I made earlier this year to the ones I have made in the past 3 months. But like I said, this cake is so delicious. The lemon flavor is not too overpowering, but so perfect. It is also very moist and very easy to make. Last weekend, my friends mom had ordered a lemon cake from a bakery. And when I made my version of a lemon cake; my mom, brother, and my moms boyfriend all agreed that my cake tasted much better than the other lemon cake that was from a bakery.
Sadly, today I have succumbed to sickness. Yes, I have a cold. To be honest; being sick sucks. I cant bake. So while I have been resting, I’ve been thinking of new ideas for what I should bake next. And let me tell you, all of my ideas sound delicious. But, I cannot tell you anymore than that. I want it to be unexpected :).
Honestly, high school is crazy. Homecoming is this week and I don’t think that I’m going to the dance. Just last week, this complete stranger told me he thought I’m really pretty asked me to go to homecoming with him. Then, this other boy that I had just met walked me to class. I’m not used to being stared at or hit on. To be 100% honest, I always get freaked out when someone likes me. I don’t really see how anyone finds me attractive, I’m a complete mess! Huge brown eyes, crazy curly hair, and I’m a huge klutz. But since I’ve gotten to high school, about a bazillion people have told me they love my hair. Maybe I’ll end up liking high school after all.


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