♡ Father’s Day Weekend: Chocolate Covered Vanilla Cake ♡

Hello everyone! And yes, I AM ALIVE!!! Well, my SUMMER BREAK started on the 14th so of course I have been lay and relaxing all day. But I did make a cake over the weekend. SO this weekend it was Father’s Day. My dad is on deployment but I still wanted to make a cake to celebrate. I ended up with the creation above. it was a struggle! I really had no idea how to decorate this cake. I was “winging it” the whole time 🙂 I shared this cake with my friend and his family, my friend said this was the most delicious cake I have made so far! It was really fluffy, I used my Vanilla Cake recipe and it was so amazingly awesome…
1. Well…….I AM NOW GOING TO HIGH SCHOOL!!! Yes, I graduated Middle School with high grades (Honor Roll) and I ended up getting the Presidential Award. Now I have two because I also got one in 5th grade. It was so unexpected, I really had no clue whatsoever 🙂 It feels so weird that I’m done with Middle School. It’s like a part of me grew up and is moving on to bigger, an better things. Time flies by so fast!
Chocolate everywhere……yum

 2. I realized about 1 hour after school finished that I was already missing all of my friends! I mean, they are like family and I can’t wait to see them in High School. I took the notes that some of my friends wrote in my planner during the year, and made them into my new jewelry holder. So I will always remember our great memories, and start new ones.
3. YES I am going to  bake! Although I can’t tomorrow because I am babysitting. It is really good for me because I get money to buy new clothes and baking supplies. So I have a pretty good summer job right now 🙂 And all I want to say is that I’ll be writing soon!


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