♡ Mother’s Day Weekend: Birthdays and Presents ♡


Well I hope you had a Happy Mother’s Day! I treated my mom to a mani/pedi and I bought her a bracelet, and made her a bracelet! My brother on the other hand bought my mom red roses and her favorite chocolate. So you can say that we have a tendency to treat my mother like the queen she is on Mother’s Day. Anyways, it was my friends moms birthday on Saturday. So his dad asked me if I could make a cake for them. Of course, I was more than happy to bake, and I was getting paid $25! So I happily made them the cake they ordered; a vanilla cake with pineapple slices and buttercream frosting in the middle. I used my Vanilla Cake  recipe fro this cake. And I worked my best to make the cake look as beautiful as I could. And (drumroll………..) it was a HUGE success! Everybody absolutely loved the cake! It was quickly devoured and no one could believe that I made it from scratch. They were even more surprised to find out that I have only been baking cakes since January. So I say that this weekend was a good one 🙂
 This cake was the first “real” looking birthday cake I have done. It actually looks almost like a simple, but beautiful birthday cake you can buy at any local bakery! And to make a confession; this was the first time I have ever made a border around the bottom of a cake! But while people said it turned out beautiful, I still need to practice in making different borders… Oh! And I took these pictures on my iPhone haha, well except for the last picture.
Sorry the picture is a little slanted, I couldn’t get a good shot, there were people in front of me. And a little short person like me couldn’t get past them..
 I am so happy that I got to bake this weekend, because this week is going to be a stressful, and grueling week. It’s the time of year when us students have to take our…..SOLs!!! *AHHH!!* Everyone seems to be stressed, especially the teachers. I mean received an 8 page homework assignment today and it’s due tomorrow (did I mention this homework is for geometry?) And tomorrow is my Band Concert, so wish me luck! We are playing the Star Wars theme song, Duel of the Fates, the Jurassic Park theme song, and the E.T. theme song (and this is only one of our music pieces!) But I am pretty excited, I mean this is the last concert of the year, and for me, in this school. I’ll be moving on to high school  (FINALLY!).
But while I am going to be busy this week, trust me when I say that I will try my hardest to bake this week! I will take any opportunity I can to post new recipes. But until I post again, have a great day!!

Here’s a view from the front of the cake :)

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