♡ Amanda’s Little Bakery: My First 2 tiered Cake! ♡

Why hello there…yes you! So this weekend my brother was throwing his girlfriend a surprise Birthday party. So he asked me to bake her a Birthday Cake. I used my Chocolate cake recipe, and it came out so delicious and moist. Everyone at the party was raving over how delicious it was! They were surprised that I made this cake and it is all from scratch. SO I wanted to do something different for this cake and so I chose to do a 2 tier cake. After looking at a whole bunch of videos on how to assemble a 2 tier cake, I felt a little confident. The problem was the frosting! I kept messing up the frosting so many times, I ended up making 3 batches! But it was fine because the cake ended up looking pretty cute. But I do feel like I could do better so I am definitely not done with 2 tier cakes :).
1. I am happy to say that I know have an iPhone 4s! My mom, brother, and I all got iPhones on Sunday :). Since then, it seems as if my family cannot get off their phones . I already customized my phone to perfection, all I need is a giftcard for iTunes so I can buy music. But of couse I was different and ended up with a white iPhone and my mom and brohter got the black iPhone. My case is a cute pink with flowers on it, but I’m probably going to get more! I am going to be honest to say that I do mess around with Siri…well it’s super fun….don’t judge.
2. Don’t worry, a new recipe will be posted soon! I am just a little preoccupied with my phone but not too occupied to stop baking. That’s just insane! Baking is my number 1 thing I love to do 🙂
Oh my all the hours I spent on this cake was worth it!

Awe well have a great day!

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