♡ Happy Easter!!! ♡

       Happy Easter!!!! As a celebrtion of Easter, I made 2 cakes. The first cake is a Funfetti Layer Cake, and the second on eis a Chocolate Cake! I made the Funfetti Cake look like it had a nest inside…and what was in the nest? EGGS, well Robins eggs (yum…). And I made the second cake look like it was a flower. All in all,, I think you can tell that I am pretty excited that Spring is finally here! Anyways, since I was baking the cakes this weekend, I didn’t have a chance to bake anything new. But never worry! I promise to upload a new recipe before the week ends! Well, have a super awesome Easter! 

   1. Yesterday, my friends came over and we ended up having a war between my brother and his friend vs. me and my friends. There was lotion flying, and perfume being sprayed. But to be honest, I think that my team won. While we were fine, my brother and his friend smelled like “Cherry Blossoms”.

2. I have to make a small confession, Friday was the very first time I had ever tried a “Robin’s Egg”. I didn’t know what to expect, but they are so delicious! The chocolaty crunch got me from the very beginning. Now I know why everbody just loves them…

3. Well tomorrow is April Fools day, and I just LOVE to prank my brother. One year I took yarn and taped it across his bed like a spidrweb. When he oke up, he was stuck because he couldn’y get throught the yarn. And I do have some ideit was as to what I should do. Maybe I should freeze mentos inside ice cubes, so when he puts thw ice cubes in his soda, it will explode? I’ll update after tomorrow and tell you what prank I pulled on him 🙂

     Also, I was thinking of what I should bake this week? I was thinking Cinnamon-Sugar Pretzels? Or maybe some BLUEBERRY muffins? Oh and feel free to send me somee ideas. I would love to hear your input 🙂

I am so proud of this cake 🙂
 The nest is made from chopped CHOCOLATE!!!
 Ahh springtime, how I love flowers ♡

 Don’t you just love chocolate cake?

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