♡ Happy 5th Month Anniversary to Amanda’s Little Bakery: St.Patricks Day Cake Pops and More! ♡

             Today marks the 5th month Anniversary of Amanda’s Little Bakery! It’s hard to believe that 5 months ago I had made my first post; a Pumpkin Roll. I can’t believe how far I have gotten in only a few months. I just want to say thank you to all of my supporters who have believed in me.

             Well, St. Patricks Day is on Sunday and well I had to do a theme right? So I started off the week with making Chocolate Cake Pops with Green Frosting. They’re delicious and super cute :). I’ll be making Shamrock cookies and hopefully Irish Soda Bread before Sunday arrives! Anyways, I used my recipe for Chocolate Cake Pops to make these. Yeah I know they’re sloppy but hey I was tired and well lazy…. (Click here for the recipe for the Chocolate Cake Pops)

Just Sprinkle some Powdered Sugar on top to make Winter to Spring Cake Pops! It looks like the snow is melting and the grass is starting to grow 🙂

Yesterday I was looking for Green Tea. But I quickly put the box back on the shelf when I saw they had Blueberry Green Tea! This is probably the best tea I have ever had. It is so delicious and reminds me of Blueberry Muffins…………

I know this post was pretty short but I promise that I will be writing later on this week! So until we meet again:


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