Birthday Things: Cakes, Gifts, and More!!

Hello Guys!! Well, I am happy to say that yesterday, February 4th, was my 14th Birthday!! I had a fantastic time with my mom and brother. My mom made her very first homemade cake using my recipe for Vanilla Cake! It came out very tasty, but I did take over when it came to frosting the cake.. What can I say? I absolutely love decorating cakes. But, I didn’t have a lot of ingredients to make enough frosting to pipe a border and decoration on the cake. But oh well, maybe another day!

 While my original plan was to make a Paris Brete for my Birthday, I didn’t get a chance to! But I will try to make it this week! Sadly, I caught  very bad cold over the weekend and I was in no shape to work my magic in the kitchen. But I did have District band this weekend so I was in a full-on work mode! On Friday, I went to school and left at 9:15 in the morning to head on to district. There were only 4 kids in my school that made it and I was one of them! We arrived later, (after getting breakfast) and worked for HOURS. I was so exhausted by the end of the day. And I was sick so it made me feel even worse. but the next day, I had to come in at 8 in the morning to rehearse again and we played the concert! We learned 5 songs in about 2 days. Imagine being in a room with complete strangers and working together to play a concert in only 2 days. Sounds impossible, right? Well, that’s what we achieved and I couldn’t be happier.

My apron finally arrived! It is just so amazingly gorgeous in every way possible! I just cannot stop thanking Mamamadison for making me this beautiful creation and I will definitely buy another apron in the future! You guys should really check her out on Etsy because she really is talented and has the most adorable aprons ever!

So, my dad got me a 55 piece professional decorating tip set! It is amazing! He also got me another recipe book, gorgeous antique cameras, a 24 inch piping bag, and pink roses! I don’t usually get to see my dad (parents are divorced) but he really out did himself this year! I was not expecting all of these gifts so I just have to say thank you. 

But the best part of my birthday was that I spent it with my wonderful Mom and Brother. My mom woke me up with breakfast in bed. Then, we set off and went to different antique stores! I love antique stores, they are just so adorable. We later had frozen yogurt together and then we picked up my brother to go ice skating. He was being really nice. and he tried to help me with my balance. He would grab my shoulders and skate really fast because I was being a slow poke! My clumsiness really showed when I fell right on my butt! but I just stood right back up and kept trying harder. After that we went to PF Changs for dinner and I got a free slice of cake! It was a delicious red velvet cake….yum. That gave me an idea of what to bake for Valentines Day. Finally, we went home and my friend came over to sing Happy Birthday. It was a perfect ending to an amazing day! 
But let me share something with you, my brother did something so nice yesterday. He’s 16 and so I always thought he usually thinks of me as his “annoying little sister”. But when I was going to sleep, he hugged me and said “I love you. Wow, 14 years old, you’re growing up so fast!” Now that put a warm smile to my face as I drifted off. Well anyways, I’ll be baking this week and I will post a recipe soon! 

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