Cinnamon-Sugar Swirl Bread

            So, this week has been pretty interesting. I made a tumblr! My friend came over to teach me the “tumblr ways”, but I still need a LOT of practicing to do. So, I picked out having a “quality” tumblr. I”m not even sure what that is. I swear I am the only 13 year old that doesn’t really do well with electronics. Instead, I bake because its much easier.

1. Also,  I made 2nd chair in district band (I play oboe). The weirderst thing is that I didn’t even try. I just went to get it over with and ended up making it!

2. Do you ever notice that this month has the MOST giveaways? I am ashamed to say that I’ve probably entered in like 10 this week. I mean, you have to at least try, right? And maybe I’ll win one of them!

3. I adapted this recipe from She Makes and Bakes, but I changed some things. This bread is soooo amazing! It tastes so sweet and perfect. It reminds me of a cinnamon roll that was transformed into the shape if a bread loaf. Everyone that tried it said it tasted fantastic. This bread it much quicker than the other breads I have baked and its perfect for any family occasion. I guarantee you will fall in love with this bread 🙂

4. Where is winter? This weekend its been so warm, I wore shorts! It’s consisted of 60 degrees and higher. I was hoping for snow but it looks like this year thats not going to happen! Anyways. I went out to get frozen yogurt. I love frozen yogurt, espeacially the flavors. Yesterday, I tried an Eggnog flavored frozen yogurt and it was soo good! But, I ended up getting Strawberry and French Vanilla. I guess that Eggnog is just too complex for me right now! Well, lets stop talking about my Frozen Yogurt issues and get on with this recipe!

Yield- 1 loaf

1/2 cup of warm milk (I used 1% milk)
1 tablespoon of active dry yeast
1/4 cup of white sugar
1/8 cup of butter, softened
2 large eggs
1/8 teaspoon of salt
2 1/4 cups of all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

2 tablespoons of ground cinnamon
1/2 cup of sugar
1/8 cup of heavy whipping cream
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1 cup of powdered sugar
2 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract


1. In a large bowl, mix together the yeast, warm milk, and sugar. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let it proof for 10 minutes.

2. Using a stand mixer, or hand mixer, add in the flour, and eggs into the yeast mixture. (Make sure to ue the dough hook for this. Use speeds 4-6).

3. Finally, add in the butter and salt. Mix untill the dough is sticky and soft.

4. Transfer the dough onto a lightly floured surface. Knead the dough for 5 minutes and form it into a ball.

5. Lightly spray a large bowl with cooking spray (I used Pam) and place the dough into the bowl. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap that has been sprayed with cooking spray.

6. Let the dough rise for 60 minutes.

7. Once the dough has finished rising, place it onto a lightly floured surface.

8. Roll the dough into a 9×13 rectangle.

9. Brush the heavy whipping cream onto the dough.
10. Make the Filling: In a medium bowl mix together the cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla extract.

11. Evenly spread the filling onto the dough.

12. Roll the dough (lengthwise) into a log. Make sure that the enhs are sealed tightly.
13. Cut the log in half. (Down the middle of the log)
13. Twist the two pieces of dough together with the filling facing up. Make sure that the ends are sealed tight.
14. Push the ends closer together so that the loaf is compacted.
15. Place a piece of parchment paper onto a baking sheet. Ligtly spray the parchment paper with cooking spray.

16. Place the loaf onto the parchment paper and cover it with plastic wrap that has been sprayed with cooking spray also.

17. Let the loaf rise for 60 minutes.

 18. Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.

19. Take the plastic wrap off of the baking sheet. Bake the loaf for 22-24 minutes.

20. After the loaf has finished baking, place it on a cooling rack.

21. Place parchment paper on the bottom of the colling rack.

22. Make the Glaze: In a large bowl using a stand mixer or hand mixer, mix together the powdered sugar, vanilla extract and heavy cream untill the glaze is thick and creamy.

23. Spread the glaze onto the loaf (while it is still warm).

24. Let the loaf cool for 20-25 minutes.

25. ENJOY the bread!!!!!!

 5. Oh I almost forgot, my neighbors got me Christmas rubber spatulas! They are soo adorable. Now, I will be inspired whenever I bake this month! My neighbors are the best, they are and older couple and I treat them like they’re my grandparents. The older man is an artist and says that he is going to paint a picture of me! While his wife is a sweet old lady and she just loves to talk to me. Whenever I go to their house, I spend at least 2 hours there! They are probably the cutest couple I’ve ever seen 🙂


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